Juscouture Glam Box


Hi friends!
So, about a week ago I received this box from Juscouture as part of an instagram contest/review type of thing. I paid $2.00 to have this shipped to me. Normally on their website it will cost you $20.00 and I’m not sure if that includes shipping or not. If you follow me on Instagram then yiu know I am a fan of subscription/sample boxes and there are so many that I’d love to be able to try. With that being said let me tell you my thoughts on this box.


The first item I received was this self laminated goal sheet with their address and a Expo dry erase marker. The goal sheet is actually an awesome concept but mine was in two pieces. The dry erase markers retail at most stores for $6.99 for a 12 pack so not counting the cost of the paper and laminating sheet, I valued this item at 58 cents.


The next item was these cute little flower earrings. I will actually use these as I hardly have any earrings. Not sure on the value.


This Lipstick is said to be made by Juscouture and retails on their website for $12.00. This one is in a purpley/pink color and will not work for my skin tone at all so it will be passed to a friend.


The next item on the list is this eyeshadow brush from the brand pop-arazzi, I have purchased a few of these and after several used the bristles are either falling out or the handle part become disconnected. You can buy this at CVS for $2.99


The last item is the one I am most excited about. It is a Pacifica roller ball perfume in the scent Tuscan blood orange. I love this company and actually received a hand lotion in this scent some time back and loved it. This will have a new home in my purse. You cam order this directly from Pacifica for $12.00

Final thoughts:
I valued this box at about $30.00 so only $10.00 more than what they sale it for on their website. Would I purchase this monthly box? I’d have to say no 👎 I receive one monthly box for the same price that is always valued at over $100.00.

With that being said, I do definitely support woman run businesses and the young woman running this company has definitely accomplished a lot but I feel this monthly box needs some work in order for it so be successful.

Thank you for reading! Until next time…



2 thoughts on “Juscouture Glam Box

  1. Glitzyglam84 says:

    Awesome review!!! I love that you don’t just bash the box but you are honest!!! Too bad the lippie is not your shade looks super cute!!! Happy you got the Pacifica roller ball scent – I LOVE rollerball perfumes – awesome for travel!! You are super fabulous thx so much for posting this!!!! 😘💖💖💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

    • I promised myself that I would be honest doing anything on here! It’s hard because I don’t want to hurt feelings but I need to be honest about how I felt. Any suggestions on what I should review next? Thank you for taking the time to read it, love you!


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