Wet n Wild megalast liquid lip color.


If you follow my instagram then it’s obvious that I love lip products especially liquid to Matte lip products.

Today’s review is on the new Wet n Wild liquid lippies.

I purchased four of these for .99 cents at a local grocery store. The swatches below are Pink Perfection, Pocketful of Roses, Iris I was Rich and Cherry on Top.


Now here are my thoughts on these, remember they were only .99 cents. The colors are actually very pretty. It applies very well and for just a minute they are slightly sticky. Once they dry, my lips feel extremely patchy so I’m having the urge to constantly check myself in the mirror. If you lick your lips because the dryness is to much to handle then it flakes of and is over my lips.

However,  I do find that these apply slightly better if you use a lip primer before applying or a gloss top coat after application.

Now please don’t take this the wrong way. I love Wet n Wild products, gosh I’ve been using them for 20 years.  Just these lippies didn’t do it for me.

Wanna check out rest of their products?  Go to 

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