e.l.f. And how I use it to clean my face!


Good morning loves!
Today’s post is going to be about my face cleaning routine and what I use. I hope you enjoy.

Two months ago I ordered the Skincare daily face cleanser, Skincare exfoliating scrub and the Skincare daily hydration moisturizer from e.l.f.
All three are pictured above so let’s get into it.


I use the daily face cleanser each morning and again at bedtime. I love this stuff! I have extremely sensitive skin and this is one of the few cleansers I have found that does not cause me any irritation at all. It does an amazing job at removing all of my makeup and leaves my skin super soft. The best thing about this cleanser is a little goes a long way and even after two months instill have plenty left! This is $7.00 for 3.72 fluid ounces.


Next up is the daily hydration moisturizer. Same as above on this one! I use it twice a day and it absorbs into my skin very nicely, not thick or greasy feeling and as above a little goes a long way. Now I did read a lot of reviews on this where people were stating that just after a few uses the pump stopped working. I’ve never had any issues with the pump on this.
This is $8.00 for 2.53 fluid ounces.


Last up is the exfoliating scrub. I love exfoliating cleansers and scrubs, however I usually prefer the the scrubbing granules be very fine like sugar or sand. The granules in this scrub are bigger and because I have sensitive skin I opt to only use the scrub once a week. Just like the last two products this stuff is also amazing and a little does what you need!  This is $6.00 for 3.8 fluid ounces.

In my overall opinion e.l.f is very highly underrated a lot! I have several products from this company and they are great and at such affordable prices. For the most part you can find their makeup products at Target, Walmart and CVS. Most anything else can be found on their website and they’ve always had really quick shipping when I’ve ordered.
You can check out the items I reviewed and so much more directly at

Thank you for reading and happy browsing!

Until next time,


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