I’ll make you look amazing daily Spray by gorge*

Hello Ladies!

Today I will be writing about this amazing leave in conditioning spray that came to me in not only one but two different subscription boxes.


First let me fill you in on something. I have horrible hair, I mean the absolute worst hair ever. It comes from many years of coloring or perming and just overall not taking care of it. I am always looking for some miracle spray or cream to help it. So when I got the first bottle I was thrilled to the bone to use it!

This product is amazing! After just using it for the first time I could tell a huge difference, I mean a WOW kind of difference! Ive gone through both bottles already.

Taken directly from their website it claims the following….

1) Protects your hair from heat styling tools
2) De tangles instantly and increases manageability
3) Prevents your ends from splitting
4) Adds amazing shine
5) Repairs damaged hair
6) Seals in the cuticles and protects the color
7) Stops hair breakage
8) Enhances the natural body
9) Seals in moisture
10) Creates smooth, silky hair

Out of those ten things they listed not one of them is untrue!  It even smells amazing, I can’t really describe the smell, it has a slight citrusy blend which is totally ok with me because I am a lover of all things citrusy.

It retails for $24.95 for a 4 ounce spray on their website and I think it is definitely worth every penny. They even have a shampoo and conditioner that I want to try so badly…

If you have badly damaged, dry, frizzy hair like me that is constantly breaking I would definitely give this a try.

Click on the link to order or if you have an Instagram page or a YouTube channel there is a tab you can go to for samples!


Thank you for reading and Happy hair to you!



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