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Influenster #jinglevoxbox!!!!

  This blog post is going to cover several items at once!  I am part of Influenster.  If you do not know what Influenster is, then let me tell you about quickly. Influenster is a website where you can sign up and read reviews, write reviews, take surveys and so much more. In doing so you receive badges and chances to receive what they call a voxbox which is a box of products that they send you totally free for reviewing purposes.  It took me quite some time before I received my first one so my only advice to you is to be patient. The boxes I have received to review so far have definitely been worth it! Sign up today by using my personal link ok lets get to the goodies!

One of the first items I received was a 1 oz sample of Cetaphil Moisturizing cream.  I have used this in the past and was glad to see a sample of it!  I recently had a major skin issue with my face and this cream was a life saver! The sample was the perfect size for my purse and I use it daily. Want to know more about it just read my previous post.

The second item I received was a full size bottle of Pure Ice nail polish in the color Home Run which I loved the name because I am a true baseball girl!  I have used Pure Ice in the past and loved it, the color I received was gorgeous but I had to apply four coats before I even saw decent color pay off.  I do not like this in a nail polish at all.

The third item I received was Biscoff cookies! I LOVE THESE COOKIES!!!! I love them with hot tea, coffee or just alone.  I just love them.  if you have not tried them then you need to stop reading and go buy some! Oh and get you some of the Biscoff cookie butter as well because its just amazing!

The fourth item I received was Kiss lashes and lash glue.  Now let me tell you. I have only tried false lashes once in my life time and I was so frustrated and fed up that I gave up and tossed them in the garbage, but for reviewing purposes I had to give it another go. WOW! these lashes went on effortlessly and were so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing them.  I already have naturally long curly lashes (please don’t hate me) so they didn’t really do much for me but I did purpose several more pairs in different styles! The pictures above is without lashes on the top and with in the bottom.

The fifth item I received was a spider-man ittybitty from Hallmark.  Until I researched it I had no idea there were so many ittybittys out there.  If you can think it them there is probably an ittybitty for it!  Mine is currently watching over me in my office at work until I see my grandson again and then it will go to him.

The sixth thing  received was an eyeliner in dark brown from NYC.  Now I am not a fan of eyeliner and hardly ever wear it and this is no exception.  I did try it but for me it was no different than the hundreds of liners I have tried in the past.

The last thing I received was a coupon for Ore ida tater tots and I actually made the Blue cheese burger Totchos from the Kraft website and they were delicious.  Also here in Fort Worth there is a fabulous burger place called Freds.  They have the best Texas loaded cheese fries ever so I decided to make my own using tater tots.  It consisted of golden fried tots, sauteed slivers of onion, think pieces of beautiful crunchy bacon, jalapenos and loads of cheese!  I am making myself hungry!


Well I hope you have all enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it! Until next time, have a beautiful day!


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