Loreal Extraordinary Oil line of Products for Hair

Almost a month ago I received a vox box from Influenster.  I love getting vox boxes and this one was no exception.  Influenster sent me this box at no charge to me for my honest review and opinion. Inside this box was three full size products and a coupon for the product.

Advanced Haircare - Extraordinary Oil Shampoo 12.6 oz - ShampooAdvanced Haircare - Extraordinary Oil Conditioner 12.6 oz - ConditionerAdvanced Haircare -  Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum - Hair OilAdvanced Haircare - Extraordinary Oil Transforming Oil-In-Cream  - Hair Treatments


The fourth product shown, I purchased with my own money using the coupon they sent in the box.


The pictures above are before I started using this line!

Lets start with giving you a little back ground into my hairs life!  I will just say if it can be done to hair then I have done it!  I have colored it, permed it, bleached it. burned it to like a rubber consistency, put everything known to man into it, lol!  You could say my hair has been through the wringer!  It is badly damaged and is always needing work so when I got this box I was ecstatic!   I have been using all four of the products above for about three weeks now.

The very first use I noticed a huge difference in my hair. It was so soft and shiny and left me thinking WOW, I miss my hair always feeling like this.  Just the shampoo and conditioner are enough but you add in the serum and sometimes the leave in oil to cream and you are blown away!  The serum is perfect and not greasy at all.  I have tried a lot of serums on my hair and they always leave my hair greasy even if I just apply it to the ends.  The leave in oil to cream is light and does not weigh the hair down at all.

This line also smells amazing!  The first day I had used it I had walked out of my office and the wind was blowing and I could not figure out the amazing scent that was filling my nose! I soon realized! Oh that is my Hair!  I have also received many compliments on the smell.  That always makes a girl feel fantastic.

Here are the after photos! It’s hard to tell from the back shot but there is an amazing differance and you can see how shiny and soft it looks in the close up, oh and I’ve cut my hair since the before pictures!

 You can get these right now at Target and they have a buy 3 get a $5.00 gift card so that is like getting one for .99 cents.  You really cannot beat that!

Target prices

Shampoo – $5.99 for 25.4 oz

Conditioner – $5.99 for 25.4 oz

Serum – $5.99 3.4 oz

Oil in Cream – $5.99 5.1 oz

If you have badly damaged hair and are wanting to bring the luster and softness back then I would 100% recommend that you try this!


Have a great weekend my loves!


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