dr. brandt needles no more and 3-D filler mask!

Hello Loves!

Todays long overdue blog is going to be about two samples I received.

I received the 3-D filler mask from my good friend on instagram,  Nika ( you can find her at _KLOOBNIKA_ ) and the needles no more came in my monthly Sephora play box. So lets just dive right in.

For quite awhile I have looked for something that would help the wrinkles on my forehead and the really deep one I have next to my left eyebrow. This is where the needles no more comes into play.  I have wanted to try this for awhile so when I received it in my play box I was really excited.  The sample was .085 ounces and I was able to sparingly get about 5 uses out of it. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures of my face because not only was I starting to tell a difference but I had several ladies at work ask me if I was doing something different in my routine.

This product is meant to be used in the morning and evening.  You pat it on and smooth it into the areas of concern such as crows feet, frown lines, forehead wrinkles, etc.  I would have used it on my entire face had the sample been bigger!  Final verdict…. I absolutely love this stuff and if I cannot obtain more samples somewhere I will probably splurge and buy the full size from Sephora, you to can order yours right here just click on the link http://www.sephora.com/needles-no-more-P391802?skuId=1658434  the full size is .5 ounces for $89.00.  Trust me I am a stickler for bargains but I would pay that for this product because it works like it says it will!

The next item was from Nika.  She hosted a small giveaway on her instagram and I was one of the lucky winners chosen to receive a sample of the 3-D filler mask.

The 3-D mask is meant to be used daily and you apply it on your cleansed face from your chin to your cheek bones, smoothing it out as you go.  I noticed a definite difference on my smile lines. My sample was .35 ounces and I was able to get about 10 days from it! Final Verdict on this one is the same as above.  I love it.  This is a product that works and works great. You can order the full size of 1.7 ounces along with a brush for applying just by clicking this link http://www.sephora.com/needles-no-more-3-d-filler-mask-P404010?skuId=1768134


Sad fact is that now at 37 I am realizing and wishing that I had paid better attention to my skin and taken better care of it when I was in my late teens and into my twenties. While I cannot change that I can try to help it today and these two products are perfect for that.  I cannot wait for the opportunity to try more products for the dr.brandt line.  You can visit their website here http://www.drbrandtskincare.com

Thank you or taking the time out to read my little post.  I hope to have more for you really soon but until then have a great Wednesday!